Nissan Juke Review

, used Nissan Juke for sale

In search of a classic used vehicle that comes with an incredibly smart shape yet excessive and trendy features? We’ve got you covered with the best of all times, used Nissan Juke for sale.

Nissan Juke became a trendsetter when it was launched a whole eleven years ago. It carried that smart design and outlook capable of carrying up to five passengers yet stylish and delicate from the outside. The super trendy body and upgraded driving position of Nissan Juke being sold at keen yet competitive pricing helped it earning a lot with impeccable sales from the beginning till the end. The Nissan Juke remained at selling for big nine years until they launched an updated model in the name of Nissan Qashqai.

Though the new model is different from the previous one in many ways, what remains constant is the uplifting sporty spirit of Nissan Juke. It has this feel of the later-life Ford Capri 1300 for true. In the years post the launch of Nissan Juke, a lot of car manufacturers continued coming up with smart crossovers who were small yet spacious and sporty and we kept calling them the Juke Rivals for a reason. Because Juke was launched first – setting the trend for smart and sporty cars.

But we can’t really call them the rivals because rivals would have copied the whole thing. However, what they did is just copy the upfront and changed their cars from the inside. what they’ve done is intellectual in their thoughts – increasing the car size to resolve the issues of congested spacing and cramped back seats. However, it has made their vehicle heavier, and less city-friendly – that is what the manufacturers of Nissan Juke never wanted.

Even the newer model of Nissan is just 10 cm bigger in length than the previous one. It has been done to ensure that the vehicle remains smart enough to be parked easily.

In case you’re finding a used Nissan Juke for sale, you seem to be at the right place. Here’s a detailed review of the car based on all the insides and outsides.

The Nissan Juke Driving Experience:

Apart from how the great Nissan Juke looks like, it has this great 117bhp engine backed with a 148lb-ft. Though this over boost figure remains active for the first 25 seconds only, it isn’t a slow car by any means. The over boost, however, keeps the car at a total throttle speed for the first 25 seconds without any gearshift or lift.

Nissan juke sounds like a four-cylinder when you don’t work it while it feels like triple when you work. The stats for acceleration also seem adequate with 11.1 seconds for the auto and 10.4 seconds for the manual at the speed 0-62. The auto in Juke seems pretty tuned – not very quick and yet so quick because of the super-smart and smooth shifts.  However, the lever for manual shift seems to be a little baggy.

It offers a moderate suspension in both anti-roll and springing positions. In combination with that, the integration of a lightweight steering wheel makes it one perfect blend for a crossover experience. However, Juke does backs it up with a measure for actual fluency and a slight feeling of the steering. The tires come with a harder grip but not much absurd for they are just 225 section even with 19-inch spread wheels. They feel incredible on the road with a profound sense that the shells and the fittings are rigidly bound together.

Nissan Juke from the Inside:

Juke tends to remind us of the old-school motorbike-style from the inside. it has this center-tunnel top with a fuel tank-shaped finishing that is glossy at the same time. Also, it has a cowl on the top of the dials. The entire cabin looks clad with padded materials, metallic knobs, and a feel which represents the fact that it has been made with utmost love and affection. Also, you could change the colors of the seats, door panels, and the dash into something cozy or bright if you find them boring.

There is a screen placed in the center which tends to take care of all the connected navigations. The amazing connectivity here builds the class of this vehicle – making it special with the premium features of door locking/unlocking, status check, fuel analysis, lights flashing, Google Assistant integration, and sending a destination to your phone.

Additionally, it has this amazing stereo – a Bose system that creates an excitingly spacious sound with its supplementary speakers directed towards the front head restraints. The seats at the front are quite comfortable and the back seats could accommodate around two people without hassle. However, it could be congested for more than two people at the back because the roof corners are pretty narrow pushing the head of passengers towards the center.

Find the best used Nissan Juke for sale and drive yourself to an incredible driving journey with guaranteed features and an appearance to vouch for!