Things You Should Never Keep In Your Garage

Things You Should Never Keep In Your Garage

Many security experts consider garages to be a good hiding place, get access to your home or car and car accessories that they can sell off if they don’t find anything to get away with. So this part of the house should be protected very well. You can use the best security systems like the ones offered by the adt defender. This way you can add an extra layer of security to your home and keep yourself safe. Personally, there are a few things that you should avoid and never keep in your garage. These are as follows: 


Many people underestimate the importance of the garage and the kinds of security threats it can get you into if you do not secure this part of your home. You have to understand that your garage is not only home to your car and other accessories that are associated with your car only. This part of the house consists of some machines and tools that can get you in serious trouble if you leave them unsecured. In case there is a certain incident in your home and your garage is not fully protected, you can find the burglars or the criminals armed with any cutting tool or any other machine that can be harmful to you, your property and your family as well. 

In extreme heat and under extreme cold, you might find paint formulas change and either it spoils the entire paint bucket with all of the paint in it and you can’t use it. One of the best practices to follow is if the temperature in the garage is too high or too low throughout the year, then try to move it from the garage to another place where you can store it for a longer time. You can check out the label on your paint can for recommendations regarding storage. 


Books are supposed to rest in your garage in the first place. You can either give them away to your kids or grandkids or lock them away in a cupboard. You can even donate them to the local library so that people who love to read books can easily get access to them. There are different insects that breed in damp and dark environments including your basements and garages. These beings eat the glue that binds books and even destroys the pages inside the book leaving the book impossible to read or pass on. 

Propane Tanks And Other Combustible Materials 

Propane Tanks and many other substances that can explode if left unchecked are resistant to different changes in the temperature, weather conditions and the level of humidity available in your atmosphere. This is one of the reasons you shouldn’t store or keep away propane properly but not in your basement or garage. Also, one of the reasons is negligence where people don’t shut down or leave the valves of the propane tank a little lose that can put your entire home and people living around you at risk. 


There are a lot of reasons that can make firewood one of the most dangerous things to store in the garage. Firewood can be something very important throughout the year and can easily be available. It is one of the most attractive things for different insects and pests that can enter your home and gradually damage your home and the different things in your home. You can store firewood at a distance of around 20 feet away from your house. This also includes storing firewood in your basement and garage as well. 


One of the most important things that you should always store away in your garage is your tools. People use and keep all sorts of tools that include wrenches, axes, saws, nails and many other tools that can be used as weapons by any individual who wants to break into your home using your garage to steal from you or any other malicious intent. After doing the required repairs to your car or any other thing that needs to be fixed, make sure that you store your tools away in a secure room in your home to avoid any kind of threats to yourself, your family, or your property. It is also a good practice to keep your tools in a box dedicated to storing tools after using them for the required repairs. 

We can conclude here by saying that there are certain items that you might be using in your daily life but you cannot store them in your garage. It is a good practice to follow the storage instructions as mentioned and labeled on my products. This will not only help you store your daily use items more effectively and for longer periods, but will also let you stay safe from any dangers and threats that can get to you or your family in case someone wants to break into your home as a burglar or for any other malicious intent. 

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