Places to Visit in Lohajung- Brahmatal Trek

lohagad trek

Lohajung sightseeing enables travelers to spend their leisure time. One gets to explore the hidden gems of Lohajung as it gives the magical view of mountains and is best for all the trekkers for the Brahmatal trek. It is set near Garhwal Himalayas that constitutes the famous picnic spot for an adventurous journey. 

Here are the most happening places one must visit in Lohajung to make a memorable vacation:

  1. Ronti Saddle 

Ronti Saddle that comes between Nanda Ghunti and Trishul peaks of Himalayas offers breathtaking views of its mountains. Nanda Ghunti which is set at an elevation of 6,309 meters and Trishul I (7120 meters) and Trishul II and III ranges are its beautiful peaks. One comes across the mysterious lake namely Roopkund where the skeletons of the unknown are still buried. One also comes across the lush green meadows of Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal.

  1. Ali Bedni Bugyal

Ali Bedni Bugyal that offers the gorgeous meandering meadows amongst Uttarakhand is another amazing trek. It is situated at the border of Garhwal and Kumaon in the Chamoli district. One crosses through its velvety grasslands and the thick coniferous forests of oak trees. It also provides the capturing view of Trishul peak surrounded with snow all around. There is the Bedni Kund lake where one sees the reflection of Trishul peak which looks majestic to watch for. 

Wan village comes last en route to Bedni Bugyal where one can see the varied colours of nature. It is hence famous for trekking, meadows, high altitude of grasslands and camping. 

  1. Roopkund Trek 

Roopkund lake is the most famous which is also known as mysterious skeleton lake as the skeletons belonged to paleolithic age which are 500-600 years old that can be easily seen here. It is set at an altitude of 16,499 feet above sea level and the trek starts from Lohajung. 

Why Roopkund Trek? It offers one to see the frozen lake surrounded by the rock strewn glaciers and snow capped mountains. One also gets to explore the rich Pahari culture of the villages. One gets to walk on the alpine meadows and also visit the sacred Bedni Kund having crystal clear water. 

  1. Brahmatal 

Brahmatak trek is all about the panoramic views of the Himalayas with snow covered peaks to capture nature at its best. It is nestled with beautiful valleys, hushed hamlets, streams and conifers and oak forests. It is said that Lord Brahma did a serious penance here and hence the place got its name. Brahmatal trek is famous for trekking, high altitude lake trek, camping, kumaon trekking and snow trek. 

  1. Wan Village 

Wan village which is set at an elevation of 2,400 meters located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It is 15 kms from Lohajung and serves as the base camp for treks like Roopkund, Bedni Bugyal, Homkund, etc. 

Wan village is known for its exquisite beauty and untouched greenery which will definitely make one’s journey memorable.  

  1. Ajan Top 

Ajan top is the short and easy trek which can be easily done in one day. One gets to see the views of Brighton, Tharkot and Nanda Ghunti which are set at 180 degrees. Ajan temple which is in the centre is known for its great religious temple. One reaches here by passing mini villages and forests which makes it more thrilling. Sunset view is the must to watch out for in Ajan top. 

  1. Chhibila and Kulling Village

Chhibila and Kulling village which is 3 kms from Lohajung on the eastern side offers beautiful sights just like Wan. It is an agricultural place with down to earth people living there and offers lush greenery. 

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Lohajung is March to June as the weather stays chilled and pleasant. However if one wants to experience snowfall one must visit in September to November. 

So one must visit Lohajung for endless adventures and endless fun as one will not get tired of watching the beautiful unique sights that it offers. It is best for those who want to escape from the hassles of city life. And the best experience you will get to immerse yourself in the laps of nature where you enjoy the divinity and exquisiteness of Brahmatal.